HotzCats Cattery is a small cattery .  We work in The Cat Fancier
Association (CFA)

Our goal is to raise healthy, loving and social kittens.  Our kittens
are raised underfoot and handled from birth.  HotzCats is a family
cattery my children, and parents help with the cats and kittens.  
This helps create social, and out going kittens that interact well with
children and other pets.

If you are looking for a calm & sleep all the time, the slinky breed is
not for you.  They are the "natural athletes" of the cat world.  They
love to run, leap, explore and play fetch.  They are very dog like.

If you're looking for a social, talkative and loving companion/family
member you have come to the right place!

The differences between ColorPoints, Orientals, & Siamese:
Directly from 'The Cat Fancy Association'
The oriental is a magical breed of variety and color.  It starts with
the essence of a Siamese and adds the sprinkled flavorings of the
rainbow.  Orientals have a infinite number of colors and pattern
"Siamese In Designer Jeans"

ColorPoints shorthairs are the first cousins of the Siamese.  This
breed is distinguished by its elegance in sixteen different "point
colors" beyond the four Siamese colors (blue, lilac, chocolate, &
Benton KY
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Colorpoints, Orientals & Siamese Cats
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